Strategic Purchasing

Electronic modules in the high-end sector are becoming increasingly complex.The requirements and functionalities of the product are becoming more and more numerous on the part of the manufacturers. Modern electronics today consist of several thousands of individual parts. In a globalized world, there are between 5 and 20 suppliers for each of these individual parts, depending on the category. The greatest added value in the production of electronics lies in the bill of material (BOM). The BOM defines approx. 70 % of all costs incurred by modern electronics.

The challenge of strategic purchasing is to identify reliable and sustainable suppliers that also offer a strategic price advantage over the product life cycle.


We use the following tools and processes for this module:

  • Assessment of employees
  • Employee and talent search
  • Organizational and process consulting
  • Purchasing tools
  • Analysis of the supplier portfolio
  • Strategy for A, B and C components
  • Strategic purchasing consulting
  • Participation in meetings at the supplier site
  • Participation in negotiations at the supplier site
  • Risk management and parts categorization
  • Supply chain security and disaster recovery planning
  • C²consulting partners and supplier network
  • Benchmarking of new suppliers
  • Benchmarking of prices
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Digitalization



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