Human Resource and Recruiting

C²consulting offers the following consulting services in this module:


“The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop”. Is it really that simple? What if you only have top players in a football team? Do you automatically win the championship as a result? The answer is no and shows that the human resource issue is far more complex. In order to survive on the market tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, companies have to reinvent themselves virtually every year due to the constant change caused by new technologies, new markets, new trends as well as social and political influencing factors.

Company bosses are right to ask themselves: “Do I have the right crew on board? Is it the right mix of youth and age in the sense of generations X/Y/Z? What know-how is lacking in the company and how much does it actually cost?”

We use the following tools and processes for this module: 

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Assessment of employees
  • Employee and talent search
  • Organizational and process consulting
  • HR consulting
  • Coaching of the HR department
  • Management diagnostics for the selection of candidates
  • Career advancement
  • C²consulting partners and supplier network
  • Digitalization


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