Cost Engineering

C²consulting offers the following consulting services in this module:


Cost transparency in the production of a product is the key to success. The manufacturer of a product can use cost engineering to precisely analyze the costs and subsequently work on the cost drivers.

Cost engineering is anchored in the company in such a way that it contributes to cost awareness along the entire value chain. Consequently, it evaluates the cost potentials from sales, development, purchasing, production, quality and logistics to the management of the company and points them out in a targeted manner. The cost engineering employees are highly qualified experts in their fields who can break down the product and the processes into their individual parts and evaluate them down to the cent.

 We use the following tools and processes for this module: 

  • Analysis of existing and future products on the basis of the bill of materials (BOM)
  • Disassembly according to electronics and mechanics components
  • Analysis of the costs of production, quality and logistics
  • Overhead analysis
  • Analysis of the actual costs of the product
  • Analysis of the target costs of the product
  • Analysis of the best-in-class costs of the product
  • Target costing
  • Cost modelling
  • Cost engineering along the value chain
  • Benchmarking of supplier portfolios and new suppliers
  • Support in the selection of new suppliers
  • C²consulting partners and supplier network
  • Digitalization


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